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"The Age of Athena's first album is a masterclass in progressive symphonic metal. Be sure not to miss their live show - there's a whole different sound to it"

The beginnings of Age of Athena stem back to late 2016 when Zachary Sabean (guitar & vocals) and Nathan Gross met at the University of Western Ontario’s faculty of music. They hit it off and began creating music together, combing Zachary’s metalcore and Nathan’s symphonic metal influences. In the summer of 2017, Helen Illumina (vocals) and Michael Johnson (drums) joined the dynamic duo. The group quickly started jamming and gave themselves the name Age of Athena.


With connections to the Toronto Russian rock and metal community, the band performed their first show in December of 2017, playing rock and metal covers by famous Russian artists. Age of Athena spent the majority of 2018 performing Russian covers at popular Toronto locations (Lee’s Palace, The Opera House, etc.), while opening for popular acts like Volkodrom and Вася ДДТ.


In 2019, the band began to focus more seriously on original music; Tightening up already existing material with the creation of new songs, they were ready to embark on recording their debut album. In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic put the world on pause, including the band. After a long slumber,


Age of Athena is ready to take the next step forward in shaking up the Toronto metal music scene and the world as we know it with their new album, ‘Gate To Oblivion’, arriving December 17th, 2021.     

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